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Jai Bharat friends
I am Ajay Jogdand friends, I think there are many questions in the society. The society is plagued by various problems and the deprived, neglected and oppressed sections of the society are suffering from injustice.The issues of these deprived-neglected-suffering elements are simply discussed in the media. But the root causes of the questions are not explored or discussed. So their questions-problems remain the same. On the contrary, it adds to it.Therefore, by tracking down the various issues of the society, finding the root causes and giving a vision of development to the society, brotherhood should be created in various religions, sects, castes and tribes in India and the country should move towards progress.For this I have created the blog

This blog will contain social, economic, political, cultural, religious, crime, sports-entertainment, health related news.Various developments in the society through special editorial articles The purpose of the approach is to present it to the reader through actual analysis.

Attitudes will not just be news, news will be news behind the scenes that will change the system. The information given to the reader from the point of view is not necessarily perfect, but we are committed to giving it. Attitude Publishers do not necessarily agree with the news published on the blog.

Name: Ajay Jogdand
City :  Beed
State : Maharashtra
Pin code:  431122
Country:  India
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